Heather Christian, composer/actor on playing
"Miss Atomic"

"I was like how do I get in touch with my inner beauty Queen? Then I realized I could just be my scrappy,punky, pixie self and have a good time at this party."

"Visiting a pig farm in the summer desert heat of Las Vegas...I mean the crazy shit we did in the name of research."

Brian Hastert, writer/actor

 The team Makes a Play

directed by paulette douglas

They're young, they're talented, they're broke...
the struggle to make a living doing what you love.

This exciting documentary, directed by 5 time Emmy Award winner Paulette Douglas, captures a rare inside look at the TEAM's three year collaborative journey creating their
multi-award-winning new production MISSION DRIFT, an epic saga exploring the true meaning of American Capitalism. 

"It's quite astonishing!  Of 7 TEAM performers who were a part of this, 2 remain standing."
Rachel Chavkin, artistic director

“I call it the zygote stage…the ideas have begun to take shape…none of this could end up in the final piece or it all could.”

Rachel Chavkin, artistic director

“It’s hard to explain to my family sometimes that I’m happy and I’m ok even though I’m broke and not on Broadway.” 

Heather Christian, composer/actor

This compelling excerpt occurs about halfway through the film. The TEAM has just experienced a major setback in the process but are regrouping and moving on. The short verite intro leads to the stirring song, "Cannonball" which Heather composed for a similar moment in the play. Co-producer and editor Andy Morreale did a beautiful job capturing the emotional highs and lows of the moment.

"I feel this process has been like hacking off limbs."
Libby King, writer/actor

Exciting News!
The TEAM Makes A Play
is a finished film thanks to all your help.  Now comes the hard part; marketing, promotion, distribution, and making sure this film gets seen.  
If you would like to help make this happen please contribute your tax free donation on the Fractured Atlas website:

Sponsored Project Profiles

A Big Thank You to the following donors who made it possible to complete this film:

Carol Hollander
Bob Douglas
Lynne Halliday
Sam and Jane Abady
Penny Price
Jackie Harris
Jaime Karate and Libby King
Brad Shapiro
Cynthia Wright
Jared Boshnack
Joseph Capobianco
John Flaherty
Donald Douglass
Krena Horowitz
Ken Pisani
Sherry and Stuart Sauer
Pam and Mark Kaplow
Ali Kaplow
Shirley Tauber
Nita Novy
Evelyne and Arthur Freiman
Sally Jewett
Chris Pendry
Mark Bienstock
Bill Newberry
Susan Heuman
Rachelle and Adin Goldberg
Jill Friedman
Don and Hiram
Jon Wilson
Max and Mackenzie Handler
Eric Handler
Michael Luftman
Paul Ryan
Lisa Berger Baskin
James Spanarkel
Joe Novello
Cary Glotzer
Leslie Williams
James Spanarkel
Barbara Bowman
Susan Haymer
Arthur Douglas
Paul Berger
Stephen Cohen
Leo Kolber
Peter Shakkour and Karen Dunn Shakkour
Ashley Fugazy
Russell Friedman
Judi Shils
Sue Chung Thaxter
John J.Filippelli
Jane Gaertner
Risa Dubin
Howard Levinson
Amy Kriveloff
Matt Cacciato
Ilene Finder
Toni Slotkin
Joanne Tauber
Scott Schwedock
Irwin Weissman
Carol Lehti
Scott Kaplow
Brian Jack
Ken Singleton
Mike and Ronny Wach
Bonnie VanGilder
Lois Mitchell
Mortimer Lacher
Kimberly O'Connor
Remy and Barbara Montgomery
Jirina Ribbens
Paul Ladwig
Ed Delaney
Fred Mazor
Tania and Alan Weiss
James O'Doyle
Jeffrey Tauber
David Chavkin
Ruth Freedman
Carol Stewart
Douglas Filomena

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