Winner of the 2011 Scotsman Fringe First
and the Herald Angel Award

Winner of the Edinburgh International Festival Fringe Prize

"What a blast. Economics has never been more playfully dissected The company fulfill all their much-hyped promise in this gorgeous, gaudy musical."

Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

"The ambition here is breathtaking and the energy intoxicating. A must-see."
The Independent

Mission Drift is a pioneering journey across the USA in pursuit of the soul of American capitalism, created in the blazing heat of a Las Vegas June. Told through atomic blasts, lizard ballet, and original music that fuses Las Vegas glitz with Western ballads and Southern blues, it features two interweaving love stories: the epic saga of an immortal teenage Dutch couple as they travel west from Amsterdam to New Amsterdam in 1624, all the way to modern-day financially devastated Las Vegas, and the intimate portrait of a cocktail waitress and a cowboy grappling with the 2008 recession and their crumbling American dreams. Over it all reigns Miss Atomic, a seductive storyteller/singer inspired by the 1950′s beauty pageants celebrating the bombs tested in the Nevada desert. She is the symbol of creation and destruction, bankruptcy and bonanza, and this profoundly unique American city.

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